Serg Sergescu

Human Survivor


Health: 3
Strength: 1
Dexterity: 1
Awareness: 1
Intellect: 1

Melee Combat: 1 (0 + Strength)
Ranged Combat: 1 (0 + Dexterity)

Iron Dagger
Deck of Playing Cards – Missing Queen of Leaves



My dearest, I know I have not been home in many days and you must be wondering what happened to me.

I was walking back home with Pietran this Thursday past, you know he gets lost on nights when it is so dark and foggy. We were on the forest path between town and the houses when there was an odd noise from the trees. I was squinting at the fog, trying to see what was there when I heard Pietran cry out as something dragged him out into the fog. I chased after him but when I caught up it was too late – he had been torn open by something, his body open and bloody. I heard the odd noise again and saw a large shape rushing toward me out of the fog. Suddenly there was a greenish flame and the shape fled. I turned to the source to see a slight, blond man standing next to me and breathing heavily.

His name is Georgi and he explained he had just saved me from my friend’s fate. As I looked back at Pietran’s body I realized that folks from town had seen us go off together into the wood – everyone would think that I had killed him so violently!

I want you to know that I am alright and I am trying to find a way to return to you. To do this I have to find proof that it was not me who killed Pietran. I am traveling with Georgi, acting as his porter and trying to learn what I can about what happened that night.

Please take good care of the mill. I will send money to help support you as best I can.

Your Serg

Serg Sergescu

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