Professor Aloysius S. Cambrius

Human Scholar


Health: 0
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 2
Awareness: 2
Intellect: 3

Melee Combat: 0 (0 + Strength)
Ranged Combat: 2 (0 + Dexterity)

Prāna: Novice


A rather short, bland man. Not frail, but thin and mousy. Tends to wear suits that are just a tad too big for him.

Aloysius is a professor of pre-civilization man. Or at least that is what he chooses to tell people is his area of expertise. What he really studies is far more sinister. Professor Cambrius studies the things that these men worshiped. Cambrius’ library is filled with odd occult tomes, binders of photos of cave paintings, eclectic journals, and various grimoires. He believes he has seen glimpses of the things just beyond reality. He practices magic and believes in sacred geometry.

Of course all of this has led to his contemporaries at the college to mock him. They have even taken to calling him Professor Scam. But deep down Cambrius KNOWS he is right, and one day he will prove to everyone that he is right. That day will be a dark day for all of humanity, but at least it will show that he isn’t crazy.

Professor Aloysius S. Cambrius

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